Hi, I'm Dave and welcome to my personal page!

By day I'm a Finance professional, and for the past 5+ years have been working in the Actuarial field of the P&C insurance industry. This means that numbers, statistics, and risk analysis are my bread and butter. I also have a passion for programming. Leveraging my strong background in statistics I am interested in the field of Data Science, Analytics, and Financial Modeling. I've completed a variety of certificate-based courses online covering the topics of Statistical Learning, Deep Learning, and Data analysis as well as the applications of these concepts using tools like Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Pandas, and Octave. I am continuously working to educate myself, often balancing multiple courses at a time. In summer of 2019 I also received by ACAS designation from the Casualty Actuarial Society.

I also do web development as a hobby. I made this website! It isn't terrible! I completed a part-time course on Front-end Web Development at Bitmaker GA in downtown Toronto in 2017, and do my best to keep active by attending meetups in Toronto and working on projects whenever I have time. You can see some of my Machine Learning and Web Development programming work here.

By night, I'm an active musician in the Toronto music scene. I currently play drums in two projects; an alt-rock band called Sixteen Scandals and a folk project called The Sun Harmonic. I maintain a drum blog that I update regularly including covers and clips from the studio!

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